Insight Investment Partners

Through the identification of supply and demand source imbalances in capital, product types and information availability, Insight Investment Partners achieves attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in real estate, non-performing loans, distressed assets, real estate dependent operating companies, and select commercial and residential development opportunities throughout the Southwest.

Insight Investment Partners employs the entrepreneurial investment strategy, which has been successfully executed over the past twenty years through more than 100 Insight managed companies. This strategy is designed to consistently achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns by minimizing competition with other capital sources, while maximizing value through intensive post-acquisitions management. Investment opportunities are derived directly through established partnerships with premier real estate owners, operators, developers, and other professionals. These resources provide a broad, national perspective on market opportunities and regional and local insight to understand and to exploit inefficiencies and relative values in the commercial real estate markets.

Three themes define this strategic approach:

  • Cautious Contrarianism – during downturns or secular changes, investing in out-of-favor sectors or markets to exploit capital or product.
  • Exploitation of Inefficiencies – capitalizing on information advantages to identify micro-markets imbalances and secure investments on favorable terms.
  • Value added Management to Optimal Exits – creating capital appreciation opportunities through repositioning, reconstructing, development and intensive management.

Insight Investment Partners has effectively applied its investment strategy throughout a variety of market conditions and believes current market conditions will provide investment opportunities to meet customer expectations.

Sample Inventory:

Mountain Falls Golf Course Community

  • 900 acres residential
  • Asset management & Development management
  • Located in Pahrump, Nevada

Steamboat 700

  • 692 acres mixed use commercial/residential
  • Asset management & Development management
  • Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Buckeye 270

  • 270 acres zoned commercial and general commerce
  • Asset management and Development management
  • Located in Buckeye, Arizona

Boise 16

  • 16 acres of mixed use industrial and M-1D
  • Asset management and Development management
  • Located in Boise, Idaho

Farm Road Retail

  • 13.5 acre Albertsons anchored retail center
  • Asset management
  • Located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Insight Realty Associates

Insight Realty Associates provides a complete range of commercial real estate brokerage services for tenants and property owners in the multi-family, office, industrial, land and retail sectors in Nevada. Supported by superior market research and analysis and the industry specific expertise of Insight’s specialty services group, each transaction is approached strategically with the customer to exceed expectations.

Insight Realty Associates provide specialized expertise in specific property types including:

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Multi-Housing
  • Land
  • Medical

Insight offers its customer’s unsurpassed intelligence into the real estate markets in which they operate. This knowledge-based, group consultation approach process adds value well beyond the transaction process and contributes to Insight’s track record of repeat business.

Property Acquisition

Through a multi-disciplined team approach, Insight Realty Associates offers complete support for the acquisition process. Increasingly, potential buyers are retaining Insight’s brokerage and financial professionals to facilitate these transactions. As an owner/user or investor, solid location and financial analyses with valuation benchmarking are utilized for substantiating the value of a property to meet the customer’s objective for current income and long-term growth in valuation.

Property Disposition

Insight Realty Associates attains maximum value for property by positioning and targeting it to the most qualified buyers and using market knowledge to create value. Marketing strategies are crafted to capture the buyer’s focus and leverage the competitive nature of the market.

Property Leasing

Insight Realty Associates works with building owners, investors and property managers to develop leasing strategies that enhance property value. Insight understands the importance of creating the right tenant mix and market a property to prospective tenants using a variety of traditional and non-traditional technology-based marketing strategies.

Transaction services lie at the heart of Insight Realty Associates. Within this division, Insight’s professionals provide property owners, users and investors with sales, leasing, marketing, disposition and consulting services for a full range of real estate assets

Insight Development

When it comes to transforming assets into opportunities, institutional and individual property owners count on Insight Development. Insight provides measurable results across a spectrum of services.

Insight Development is committed to one objective, using management’s extensive industry knowledge, group consultation approach, and vast resources to help the customer maximize the value of their real estate assets. Insight assist owners and tenants of all sizes, including institutions and individuals, by developing customized service programs and products that deliver measurable results.

Our Services:

  • Land Use Planning and Entitlement Process
  • Infrastructure and Site Analysis
  • Construction Design and Management
  • Job Costing and Risk Management

Land Use Planning and Entitlement Processing
Understanding the customer’s vision and implementing into the design of a site is critical to the enhancement of the property’s value. Local knowledge of the government planning and submittal process facilitates the approval necessary for the vision to be realized.

Infrastructure and Site Analysis

The group consultation approach is used to uncover many of the pitfalls of development, which begin with an understanding of the asset. Knowledge of utilities, drainage, needs for specialized uses, capital improvement programs and many other facets of the property are necessary to be analyzed and quantified.

Construction Design and Management

Insight offers a full range of services including professional construction management, project management, space planning and construction documentation services for horizontal and vertical construction. The tenant relations programs are designed to promote a high level of personal service through one on one communication and tenant appreciation.

Job Costing and Risk Management

Completing the job on time with accurate cost controls are vitally important to the success of Insight Development’s customers. Working through Insight, customers have access to a qualified network of engineers, architects, contractors and other service providers that meet with Insight’s high expectations of quality and needs to achieve the customers desired results. Proper review of construction controls and recognizing post development obligations minimize the risk of future third party claims.

Insight Development prides itself in turning over the keys with a smile.

Sample Inventory:

ParkView Center North -Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 34 acre mixed use industrial park
  • Development Management
  • Located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Casa Grande 761 – Casa Grande, Arizona

  • 595 gross acres fronting I-10 and Florence Blvd
  • Asset management and Development management
  • Located in Casa Grande, Arizona

CheyenneWest Corporate Center

  • 34 acres mixed use Industrial Park
  • Development management
  • Located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Alexander-Pecos Industrial Park

  • 18.5 acre Industrial Park
  • Development management
  • Located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Meridian Crossings

  • 118 Master Planned Community
  • Asset management and Development management
  • Located in Meridian, Idaho

Insight Administrative Services

More than 200 private and institutional investors have found a qualified and well respected group of professionals within Insight Administrative Services. Insight is committed to one objective, providing the customer with the results expected when making the investment decision.

Our Services:

  • Investment Structures and Investor Relations
  • Vendor Management
  • Market Research
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting

Investment Structures and Investor Relations

Insight Administrative Service provides the customer with the proper investment vehicle to participate in the ownership of commercial real estate assets. The relationship of the customer to Insight is important. Open communication is a key factor to the success of the investment and allows the customer to properly allocate their own risk and understand in real time the potential outcome of their investment. Other services include transfers of investor ownership, capital requirement information, return summaries and much more.

Vendor Management

Enhancing the value of the investment is achieved through engaging the right vendor at the right time.

Market Research

A wide array of marketing research and econometric forecasting information is available through our research team. Using real time data assists in the decision making process required to maintain and achieve greater results for the investment.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Insight Administrative Services can maintain property financials on most major real estate accounting systems including Argus, Dyna and Timberline. Standard accounting offerings including rent collection, accounts payable, cash management, financial reporting, tenant billing and budgeting. Customized reports and additional services are also available.

Over 100 companies have been managed by Insight Administrative Services and the operating efficiencies of the Insight organization provides the investor a competitive advantage when seeking to protect their capital and earn the desired return

Sun Property Management

Sun Property Management has the expertise and resources to offer all the services of the national companies, while holding onto the personal, client service of a small one. For too long, the industry model has been one size fits all. However, every property is unique. Sun’s job is to save its clients money in a challenging economy, and the best way to do that is to apply proven experience with attention to detail.

Our Services:

  • Property Management
  • Lease Administration
  • Tenant Relations
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting

Property Management

Sun Property Management provides comprehensive services with a clear focus on enhancing the value of an asset. In partnership with its clients, Sun facilitates all aspects of property management including landlord/tenant relationships, building operations and management, lowering operating costs, and providing timely and accurate accounting while maintaining high service levels.

Lease Administration

Lease administration can entail a broad scope of serviced that can be customized for each client’s needs. Lease administration involves maintaining a database of the entire client’s lease documents, tenant contact information, notice addresses, billing addresses, etc. In addition, the system can generates notifications of critical dates such as lease termination dates, insurance expiration dates, rent increases and many more. In addition, Sun reviews and process all landlord invoices, maintenance of vendor files and generation of payment reports.

Tenant Relations

One on one communication is a critical part of the tenant relations program. Through constant communication, when tenants have challenges they feel they can work as a team with Sun to overcome the challenges.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

By maintaining property financial reports on fully integrated real estate accounting system, we are able to ensure the utmost accuracy for its clients. Accounting services included standard accounting such as rent collection, accounts payable, cash management, financial reporting, tenant billing, budgeting and bank account maintenance and reconciling.

Our team of property management professionals works closely with our clients to develop and manage customized programs that focus on cost-efficient operations and tenant retention to best suit each individuals needs.

Sample Inventory:

Insight Aircenter South

  • 5 acre mixed use industrial park
  • Property management, Lease management
  • Located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sunset Corporate Park

  • Three freestanding office/warehouse buildings
  • Property management
  • Located in Las Vegas, Nevada

5455 Durango Road

  • 4,600sf freestanding office building
  • Property management
  • Located in Las Vegas, Nevada

8936 Spanish Ridge Avenue

  • 6000sf freestanding office buildings
  • Property management, Lease management
  • Located in Las Vegas, Nevada